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Click2Fit recommends clothing you'll love that flatter and fit
Instead of spending hours or days searching and trying on clothing, take a few minutes to create a profile and let your virtual personal shopper do all the work. Click2Fit uses thousands of rules developed by personal shoppers to pick out the perfect items for you, creating your own personalized boutique inside your favorite retailers.  All the clothing will fit and flatter your particular figure to make you look and feel fabulous.  Even better, they're all styles you'll love and that suit your lifestyle and budget.

Spend a few minutes creating a profile that you can use over and over again at any participating retailer, or use a few of our most popular tools to start shopping right away (no profile necessary).  The more we get to know about you the more accurate our recommendations can be - but since this is all about making shopping easier for you, we've also created an abridged profile and you can switch between them or start shopping at any time.

Comprehensive Profile

Create an in-depth profile based on your specific taste, lifestyle, fit and flatter needs (including body shape and proportions, coloring, problem areas and fit preferences), as well as any style, fabric, color or price preferences.

Quick Start Profile

Create an abbreviated profile based on your general body shape, measurements, taste and personal preferences.

Shop by Body Type

If you don't want to create a profile, simply select your overall body type, and see all of the clothing that fits and flatters your body type.

Smart Search

Search your personalized boutique by category, occasion, color, fabric and price range.   Unregistered users can also select their personal style and/or body type to use this feature.
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